Life so far: growing up, autism, and 100 blog posts!

Years ago, I often thought about starting a blog. With my big dreams of becoming an author, it sounded like the sort of thing that all the high-flying writers are doing. Of course, it was just a crazy idea I had. Nothing serious. Right?

On receiving Blogging for Dummies for Christmas, I thought I’d at least show my appreciation by doing a quick summary of my world as a trial blog post. Now, four years and 99 posts later, my blog has definitely stood the test of time. It’s my way of reaching out, entertaining, and making my mark.

And this is my 100th post! So I thought I’d offer a much bigger summary of my life up until now.

Starting with Taipei, Taiwan, Wednesday 17th March 1993 at 1.13pm. My parents joke about how typical it was of me to come out at lunchtime. To which I say, how many people do YOU know who were born in the middle of the day, week, month, and academic year, on their due date?

People sometimes ask me what I remember about Taiwan. Kind of awkward because my earliest memories include me and my (British) mum hiding from my (Taiwanese) dad after they had been fighting. But hey, I also remember playing with our pets, walking through mountain scenery, and my 4th birthday party. It wasn’t all bad!

Just after said birthday, my pregnant mother and I hastily headed my grandparents’ way – Cam, Gloucestershire. My sister was born. I started school, and was happily oblivious to my teachers telling Mum how weird I was and blaming it on bad parenting. Then we found a council flat.

A year later, while we were on holiday, my now-stepdad made his debut. From then on, he kept turning up on our doorstep. And we on his. This went on for about three years, until he and Mum married, and we invaded his house for good. Did I mention what a cute bridesmaid I was?

Now in Loughborough, I ended up at a school that was actually competent, and hey presto, I was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. My response to the news? “Oh…can I have a piece of cheese?”

Secondary school pulled my head out of the clouds with a jolt. It was a scary world of social hierarchies, sport, and teachers with varying levels of empathy. I struggled with friendships. I struggled in classes. Most of all, I struggled to accept that autism was nothing to be ashamed of.

But gradually, I got involved with various social groups at church, and I finally started to make friends and open up about my difficulties. Meanwhile, I was studying animal care at Brooksby College. It comprised manhandling animals of every size and species, essays, poo, and overnight lambing. Pretty grim, but I passed with straight distinctions!

Because I wasn’t ready for uni afterwards, I did a couple of years of home study, and realised that my heart was in becoming an author, not a vet nurse. The second year proved eventful when my Grannie died of cancer, and I still regret not visiting more. But it was also the year I started at De Montfort University, studying Creative Writing and Journalism. It was challenging, and falling out with my friend when we tried living together was hard. That said, I learned more about writing than I ever had before, and I don’t regret it for a second.

And now, here I am, coming to the end of my Christian bookshop internship. It’s been a great year, with great people, and I can’t help wishing I had more time left. But few things in life are permanent, and as I reflect on my significant life events, I do wonder what the next one will be.





So I have somehow found my way onto the blogosphere. After months of reading other people’s blogs, wishing I was already an experienced writer and maybe a little procrastination. I’d recently come up with a long list of deep, philosophical blog post topics such as Asperger’s Syndrome, cats and how not to play Super Mario bros. Looking at my newly created blog I suddenly had an attack of writer’s block. Er, blogger’s block. I was also impressed by how my “Blogging for Dummies” book could make me feel like a complete dummy within the first few chapters. So to start it all off, here’s me.

I am half Chinese/Taiwanese, half English, and spent the first four years of my life in Taiwan. Since then, life has thrown many weird and…weirder things my way. I learnt to play the violin at a young age without ever being taught how to turn the page of a piece of orchestra music without knocking it off the stand. At age nine I was diagnosed with Asperger’s, to which my immediate reaction was “oh…can I have a piece of cheese?”. My eleventh birthday was spent in New Zealand and ended with us all jetlagged and in bed at 4:30pm. I spent the next few years blundering through school, college and home study and surviving with reasonable grades and an offer from De Montfort Uni. I now reside in the same HQ as a certain feline facebook celebrity, name of Lionel Arnold.

With my slightly autistic tendencies I am a perfectionist. I’m also an introvert, and love being with those I’m close to but will quickly start to flag if I can’t have my personal space from time to time. My memory allows me to remember tiny details from incidents of years ago, but not instructions that have just this second been given to me. I love cats, reading, writing, music and, if I’m honest, chocolate. What I’m not so keen on are stereotypes, not being able to do things, conflict, sport and people with unreasonable attitudes. I have many different interests, as you may soon find out, and have wanted to be a writer since before I started school. Hence me trying to hone my writing abilities by starting a blog.

As stated in my “about” section (among other things), this blog is basically the musings, memories and mishaps of a slightly autistic Christian wannabe writer. Obscure, I know, but I’m hoping to work on that, with a combination of reflections and amusing anecdotes. Enjoy!