BANANAS – what’s the apPEEL?

NB – I applied for what claimed to be a working-from-home blogging job with Chamsima International, a company that raises awareness for hair loss. They asked me to write a sample post about bananas. When my parents and I asked them when I would officially start, could I use a separate blog and, most importantly, about details of payment, they went strangely quiet. Such is life. – 15.11.2015

It’s soft. It’s sweet. It’s a widely accepted superfood. It’s…the humble banana.


Super? Can a banana do anything more super than develop age spots? Most people do that sooner or later. Don’t take the banana for granted. Before you next reach for a glossy yellow portion of your five-a-day, take a bite of this bunch of benefits.

Health benefits

You may have heard the age-old fact that bananas are high in potassium. But did you know that they specifically contain Potassium-40 – a radioactive isotope of potassium?(1) Besides radioactivity, all that potassium means that eating bananas fights the risk of strokes, unhealthy blood pressure, kidney stones and even early death.(2) Already feeling less complacent?


What can you do with an old banana sitting in a fruit bowl going brown? Make banana bread. Mash with yoghurt for a nutritious breakfast.(3) Mix with eggs and make banana pancakes – potassium AND protein. Blend with other fruits for a smoothie or milkshake. Cut, blitz and freeze, and hey presto, you have healthy ice cream.(4) Or just take a photo of it for a blog post…


As well as potassium, which we’ve already established, bananas are rich in vitamins and minerals that are great for skin and hair. Vitamins C and B6 and manganese help revitalise skin,(5) while the above vitamins plus vitamins A and E, iron and zinc can revive dead hair.(6) Unsurprisingly, they are one of the most popular all-natural ingredients for face masks, hair products and lip scrubs. Neat, eh?

Practical jokes

When I was little and my sister was just a toddler, our mum was unexpectedly rushed to hospital, leaving us in the capable hands of our Grandad. Being the caring older relative he is, he wanted to lighten the situation for us. And so it was that, out of all the bananas he offered my sister that morning, she chose the biggest, shiniest, most perfect of the bunch…before realising it was made of plastic.

Which fruit could have such influence on so many areas of life? What kind of food could have so much power in just one serving? In the words of Gwen Stefani: This is bananas – B A N A N A S!(7)

So there you go. Have a great day and enjoy a banana. But not a plastic one (not so great for the digestive system).





(3) Sam Stern’s Cooking Up a Storm – Sam Stern (p.g. 17)

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So I have somehow found my way onto the blogosphere. After months of reading other people’s blogs, wishing I was already an experienced writer and maybe a little procrastination. I’d recently come up with a long list of deep, philosophical blog post topics such as Asperger’s Syndrome, cats and how not to play Super Mario bros. Looking at my newly created blog I suddenly had an attack of writer’s block. Er, blogger’s block. I was also impressed by how my “Blogging for Dummies” book could make me feel like a complete dummy within the first few chapters. So to start it all off, here’s me.

I am half Chinese/Taiwanese, half English, and spent the first four years of my life in Taiwan. Since then, life has thrown many weird and…weirder things my way. I learnt to play the violin at a young age without ever being taught how to turn the page of a piece of orchestra music without knocking it off the stand. At age nine I was diagnosed with Asperger’s, to which my immediate reaction was “oh…can I have a piece of cheese?”. My eleventh birthday was spent in New Zealand and ended with us all jetlagged and in bed at 4:30pm. I spent the next few years blundering through school, college and home study and surviving with reasonable grades and an offer from De Montfort Uni. I now reside in the same HQ as a certain feline facebook celebrity, name of Lionel Arnold.

With my slightly autistic tendencies I am a perfectionist. I’m also an introvert, and love being with those I’m close to but will quickly start to flag if I can’t have my personal space from time to time. My memory allows me to remember tiny details from incidents of years ago, but not instructions that have just this second been given to me. I love cats, reading, writing, music and, if I’m honest, chocolate. What I’m not so keen on are stereotypes, not being able to do things, conflict, sport and people with unreasonable attitudes. I have many different interests, as you may soon find out, and have wanted to be a writer since before I started school. Hence me trying to hone my writing abilities by starting a blog.

As stated in my “about” section (among other things), this blog is basically the musings, memories and mishaps of a slightly autistic Christian wannabe writer. Obscure, I know, but I’m hoping to work on that, with a combination of reflections and amusing anecdotes. Enjoy!