About me and my blog

About this blog: the musings, memories and mishaps of a slightly autistic Christian wannabe writer. In other words, a combination of reflections and funny anecdotes, as outlined at the end of the first post 🙂

About me facebook page and nas photo

Name: Grace Gillian Liu

Age: 27

Occupation: copywriter

Hobbies: playing the violin, writing, attending Christian activities, reading, blogging (obviously), listening to music, messing around on my laptop, attempting to understand people, cooking, getting lost in thought about my own reflections, memories and things that fascinate me

Ambitions: to grow in faith and understand Christianity better, to be a writer, to raise Asperger/autism awareness

Likes: reading, writing, music, art, cats, animals as a whole, psychology, people I can actually connect with, food and cooking

Dislikes: getting things wrong, prejudice against cats, prejudice in general, conflict, illness, vomiting, big spiders

Family: Mum, stepdad John, 23 year old sister Rhian, Bouncer, Suri, and Oscar (cats), Grandad, two stepbrothers (only one featured in blog so far), two stepsisters-in-law (ditto), two uncles, aunt, four cousins, father (in Taiwan), step grandmother, two step uncles

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