A fact for each year of my life so far

1) I was born in the middle of the day, week, month and academic year, on my due date and on St Patrick’s Day. And exactly 101 years after my great-great grandfather. Beat that.

2) I am a really light sleeper, and will never understand heavy sleepers.

3) After extensive research and self-reflection, I have realised that my Myers Briggs personality type is INFJ (Introverted iNtuition Feeling Judging). I told you I spend an unhealthy amount of time thinking about topics like this.

4) I do a lot of my best thinking when standing or sitting against a radiator.

5) Since primary school, I have always been prone to anxiety related nausea. Over time I have become very good at hiding it, but believe me, it’s not fun.

6) When I was on holiday aged six, I was playing outside when a girl on a bike ran me right over.

7) I’m significantly more shortsighted in my right eye than my left, even though my right eye is the dominant one. I also need prisms in my glasses to help my eyes focus together more easily. Basically, I am a bit of a puzzle to my optician.

8) When I was a child, eight was my favourite number.

9)  In Year Nine, we learnt how to make scone-based pizza. For future reference everyone, if you put your egg on the table and try to crack it with a spoon, you will be wearing that egg for the rest of the day.

10) I have kept a diary ever since I was 10. The first one was a travel log of our adventures in New Zealand and Hong Kong. I was so determined to write about everything, I made myself write even when I didn’t feel like it. *round of applause for extreme dedication*

11) When I was at college, I had some random teenagers follow me home and pour what I think was Lucozade (?) all over me. It took an hour to wash out of my hair. Not fun.

12) I am an avid reader of the Warrior Cats books, even if all the inconsistencies do irritate me. When a new one comes out, I wait until midnight, then immediately download it on my Kindle.

13) Every birthday I try to note the time I was born (13.13pm) and every year I forget. Possibly because it is lunchtime, when I have more important things to think about.

14) All my scars are on my left hand. They are mostly Burmese induced scars, plus an old war wound from a battle with a breadknife.

15) I am a mezzo-soprano (medium-high female voice). The lowest note I can sing is a low D/D3, and the highest is probably a high A/A5. Think highest note in the “Hark the Herald Angels” descant. That said, I did manage a high C/C6 in one of my singing lessons once.

16) When I was little, I would only watch Pingu and Winnie the Pooh on TV. Thomas the Tank Engine scared me so much when he crashed through a fence I had to tell my grandparents about it over the phone.

17) My sense of direction is so special, I have been known to get lost when just around the corner from my destination.

18) Having Bouncer come when I call him, and insist I follow him around the house has made me very much in favour of Guide Cats for the Autistic.

19) The one game I am not hopeless at, besides the occasional word game, is One Night Ultimate Werewolf. My family introduced me to it, warning me that it wasn’t a very Grace-friendly game. Twice I ended up being the one-person team, and both times I successfully double-bluffed my way into winning. Not that I’m at all smug about this or anything.

20) I tried rollerblading with the Brownies once, fell over and sunk my teeth through my bottom lip.

21) I get migraines on average once a year.

22) Until the age of about 16, you feel so much older and more mature on your birthday. After that, it comes round again and you find yourself thinking “…why don’t I feel any older?” Or is that just me?


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