The four temperaments: The sanguine blends

Another continuation of this month’s first post: The four temperaments. Want an explanation on how temperament blends work? Go to the previous post, read what I said at the beginning, then see how many blends I have written about so far ring close to home. As I said then, each description is based on at least one person I’ve known. Are you the fun loving, bubbly, talkative type who can make the best out of any situation? Just take a peek at…the sanguine blends:

Sanguine-Choleric: possibly the most super-extroverted of all the blends, san-chols can seem like they are always on the go. They are often the first to speak up in a group of people, and like to talk incessantly. They are very open with their emotions, which tend to be explosive but usually brief. They tend to speak before they think, dislike being ignored and can seem impatient, yet don’t dwell on negatives. This means that you can find yourself thinking you have annoyed them, only to be confused when they genuinely seem to have moved on.

Because they are so open and talkative, it is unlikely that a san-chol will keep anything from you for very long. Although this means that they put their foot in their mouth sometimes, they are fun friends to have if you like to always be on the go – and if you let them do the talking. Perhaps due to their choleric tendencies, they can be ambitious and driven. In other words, they may seem flighty but if they stick at something they really want to do, they can easily succeed

Sanguine-Phlegmatic: an easy blend to recognise, as these are the friendly, bubbly, optimistic types who live in the moment and like to have fun. These people like attention, but if ignored are more likely to be disappointed than angry. They get bored quickly, particularly when alone, and tend to prefer casual, fun activities to those that require depth and precision. Although they don’t necessarily strive to dominate interaction with others, they will happily take the spotlight if it is given to them. They like to entertain, and are usually considerate of others when doing so.

Because they are so friendly, yet inoffensive, it is easy for someone to think of a san-phleg as a friend (and vice-versa) after just meeting them. They often have many friends, and tend to take the “broad and shallow” approach to friendships, meaning that they strive for fun and socialising over forming deep connections. That said, there are san-phlegs out there who do “go deeper” with people – they may just do so with group debates, shared activities and generally being open and sociable.

Sanguine-Melancholic: being a blend of opposites, these people can come across as being all over the place! San-mels often have unpredictable emotions – they are friendly and people oriented, yet can suddenly give way to negativity before bouncing back as if nothing happened. They may thrive on attention due to insecurity and tend to (directly or indirectly) share their problems with others. Being so emotional means that they care about others’ joys and sorrows but also that their approach to them may vary.

In my experience, san-mels like to be busy, and to have many things to do in their lives at the same time, due to being both fast moving and anxious to prove themselves. They can be more careful than the other sanguine blends – the differences between their sanguine nature and melancholic tendencies can lead to being torn between doing things quickly and doing things properly. If a san-mel is tired out, chances are they have tried too hard to manage both!


4 thoughts on “The four temperaments: The sanguine blends

  1. Hi my friend! I wish to say that this article is amazing, nice written and come with approximately all significant infos. I would like to see extra posts like this .|

    • gracenotes17 says:

      Hello, glad you like it! I basically did a whole series of posts of this theme at the beginning of 2015 if you haven’t already seen them. Otherwise, feel free to browse through any of the categories listed on the left, just above all the months 🙂

  2. Rianne Risse says:

    The descriptions about sanguine-melancholic blend really fits me. Thank you for your post. It really helps a lot. Sometimes, I don’t understand myself and there are times I get tired of myself, too. These two personality temperaments are very contradicting to each other and I come to understand how complex to be like that. It seems like I’m an old soul who is a child at heart in one body. By the way, Myers-Briggs Test might also help. It seems to me my temperament matched and supported my personality type in Myers-Briggs. I’m an INFJ. Must try fellas 🙂

    • gracenotes17 says:

      I was typed as INFJ on myers-briggs, but I feel like I could be any of the IxFx types. I’d say I’m a mix of phlegmatic and melancholic. Glad you like it! I find this sort of thing fascinating 🙂

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