The four temperaments: The choleric blends

A continuation of my earlier post: The four temperaments. According to this theory, people are a blend of two temperaments – a primary and a secondary. I feel like I’ve stopped bordering on being nerdy and am in the realms of nerd central now, but don’t let that put you off. Seriously, you may well recognise the sorts of personalities described below. I do, and each description is based on at least one person I know. However, for the sake of discretion I’m not even going to refer to any of these people. So without further ado…the choleric blends:

Choleric-sanguine: generally the “alpha” girl/guy within a large group of friends. Excitable and short fused, they may be the life of the party and leader of the gang. They usually like to be around people, particularly people who can live up to their need for action and excitement – as long as those people don’t get in their way. They are quick to act and speak; the choleric’s drive to achieve, combined with the easy openness of the sanguine can make the chol-san* prone to losing their temper and arguing openly without thinking through what they are saying. They are fairly open with their emotions, but less so when it could expose weakness.

In my experience, chol-sans struggle with subtlety. For example, what may appear to be ostracising someone they have argued with by talking to someone else, is more likely to be them dealing with a strong urge to vent to someone, while struggling to forgive the other person. If they apologise, it may come across as forced. If this is the case, the best thing may be to calmly but firmly explain exactly how their actions have affected you, rather than assume they don’t care.

Choleric-melancholic: I haven’t known many of this type closely, but they tend to be less excitable and sociable than the chol-san. They are the most task-oriented of all the temperament blends, and work to the bone to achieve their goals. Chol-mels may be ambiverted i.e. able to handle being around people, but can enjoy solitude. They may be pickier than the chol-san about the company they choose, finding work easier than play. They are often argumentative, but they are more likely to dominate an argument with both force and fact, than explode openly only to falter over something they have not thought through.

Despite this, chol-mels may be emotional and insecure inside, but may not find it easy to show it. If they are your friend, they may show they care through actions, rather than communication. They can be fiercely devoted to causes close to their heart, and are unlikely to ever waver in defending them.

Choleric-phlegmatic: The quietest of the choleric blends, these people tend to be the “firm but fair” types. They are tough, but fairly laid-back. Being a blend of opposite temperaments means, in this case, that their temperaments meet in the middle somewhere. They tend to be very unemotional, and may be at a loss when someone cries, for example. Chol-phlegs are often very stubborn, but this tends to show in how they calmly carry on as they are rather than blow up when opposed. Although they may often feel angry, they may see losing their temper as a weakness, expressing themselves with a scowl or sarcastic remark instead.

Because of this, chol-phlegs may not come across as choleric, yet they do have a natural “dominant” streak, which tends to emerge in everyday conversation or group activities. They can be a source of irritation for the fiery chol-san – possibly a clash between their matching drive for dominance, the chol-san’s excitability and the chol-phleg’s unaffected refusal to back down! Trust me, I have witnessed this many times!

*For some reason, a lot of people abbreviate “choleric” to “chlor” instead of “chol”. I don’t get why, no-one shortens “sanguine” to “sgna”, so I’ll just splle it the way that flees rghit for me. Yes, that was dleibreate.


5 thoughts on “The four temperaments: The choleric blends

  1. chrisfp42 says:

    Fascinating. Loved the lapse into zany/absurd at the end xx

  2. flutistpride says:

    I’m a ChlorSan/CholSan. If you search “ChlorSan” on the Internet, you get results about a sanitizing agent.

  3. Stephen says:

    Shaquille O’Neal is a Choleric-Sanguine and I have a strong feeling that Lebron James is one too. Shaq makes fun with everyone he sees doing mistakes but he also shows dominance and being self absorbed once his ego is hurt. I love watching these guys do their thing.

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