A few key changes

Hello readers, it’s been a while. You can thank any lecturer who has given me coursework for that. I’m not really doing a proper blog post here, I’m just explaining how I will be doing things from now on.

I’ve just got back from a Practical Journalism workshop in which we started planning how we are going to blog as part of our course. Having kept this blog for a year and three quarters now (!!!) my Practical Journalism lecturer has said I can continue with this blog, with just a few improvements. At least, I hope they will be improvements!

So I thought I’d try coming up with a particular theme for each month and blogging weekly on a related topic. At this point, can I add that if anyone has an idea for a theme they would particularly like me to cover, could they please speak up? Much appreciated. In the meantime, if anything irrelevant to the theme but still significant to me happens, then I will either save it for a theme it would be suited to, or blog about it outside my weekly blogging day.

One last thing. To save bombarding my Facebook friends with a link to everything I write online that ever gets published, I am going to include said links in my blog posts from now on. Not only do I continue to write at the Derby Telegraph when I have time, I now write regular online articles for Demon Media (DMU news) about Asperger’s/special needs based topics. Starting here: http://www.demon-media.co.uk/features/an-asperger-guide-to-starting-university/

Happy advent! 10647144_10152858789693814_7103841215039414110_n


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