20 interesting/weird/hopefully-not-too-boring facts about me

1) When I was at primary school, I was made to take memory tests. The irony is, I can’t remember taking them.

2) I have said many times that the song Hot n Cold by Katy Perry has to be about British Weather.

3) On the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator personality test, I’m either an ISFP (Introverted Sensing Feeling Perceiving) or an INFP (Introverted iNtuition Feeling Perceiving). If I spend too long trying to decide, I may end up in a state of inner turmoil. But then most life situations send me into such a state at the drop of a hat…

4) As you can probably tell, I spend an unhealthy amount of time trying to make sense of how people (including myself) think. Don’t even get me started on the 4 temperaments theory and how it DOES actually work (for those who know about it, I am apparently a phlegmatic-melancholic).

5) I used to have a phobia of fireworks. Also balloons, party poppers and anything that bangs. But especially fireworks.

6) I see certain letters, numbers, words and even tunes in colour. Synaesthesia, I think it’s called.

7) When Mum taught me about puberty, I misunderstood and thought I would be bleeding painfully non-stop until the age of fifty. Yes, I did struggle to hold back the tears when Mum was telling me, you can say “Aww” all you like. No, louder than that!

8) I used to write diaries on behalf of certain favourite toys. Because my sister might read this, I’m not telling where those diaries ended up or how old I was at the time…except I wasn’t too far from single figures…Oh come on, I am autistic!

9) Only days after giving up looking for two more uni housemates, I had two people put themselves forward. Either they waited until the moment I gave up, or I forgot to take down all my “Housemates” adverts. But I think they waited.

10) I had my first pet when I was five: a budgie who I named Bernard.

11) When my parents were dating, my now-stepdad tried to bond with my sister (age two) and I (age six) by taking us to the Edward Jenner Smallpox Museum. It was practically made of grotesque photos, plus a similar video, of smallpox victims dying painfully. My sister and I came back pale, not wanting dinner and just a little traumatised. Not the best day out we’ve ever had.

12) As a small child I had more imaginary friends than I can count. They were either favourite book/film animal characters or made-up relatives of said characters. I never told anyone, so sshhh…

13) When on a residential trip to London in year 10, I accidentally set a hotel toaster on fire. I missed the sign saying not to toast anything other than bread, and apparently croissants don’t count as bread…

14) When staying with my Grandad recently, I chose to accompany him to the Easter church service. And realised I am not good at dealing with having nearly the whole congregation approaching from all angles saying they remember me from when I was yea high.

15) Cat vs dog wars make me want to pull my hair out. Yes, I am more into cats. No, that doesn’t make cats “better”.

16) I once dreamt that Katy (see March 2013) abandoned me when we were meant to be playing in an orchestra concert. She has had a similar dream about me.

17) I still get the odd racist comment from passers-by about my half Asian heritage.

18) I have a strong sense of right and wrong when it comes to sticking by my morals and how to treat other people. In other words, I am a bit of a goody-two-shoes.

19) Bouncer (April 2013) and I cannot decide who my/his revolving chair belongs to. Put it this way: I am currently sitting on 1/9 of it.

20) When I was twelve I had some random guy come and ask me if I’d sung with Britney Spears the night before.

So there you have it. I’m still worried that this post may be a little self-centred but apparently people like reading this sort of thing. Meanwhile, if anyone has any blog topic suggestions that aren’t just me rambling about my life, I am right here. And no longer on MY revolving chair.