Cold, wet and pushed for time

My blog has just congratulated me on reaching 20 posts. Which I thought was pretty considerate of it seeing as I had made no mark of the occasion whatsoever. I am sure a feeling of celebration will hit me any time later, but right now I am slightly preoccupied.

For a start, I realised only yesterday that I had to do three blog posts by today. Blogging is now part of the Creative Writing learning curve. As is Twitter. Only last week, my stepdad said I should be doing more to publicise my blog. I always post it on Facebook and, I clearly said to him, I really couldn’t be bothered to get Twitter just to advertise my writing. The next day came and guess what my Creative Writing lecturers had asked me online? Not only that, but I have been advised to do two Tweets a day. So if anyone’s interested: Grace Liu – @CREWgraceglsl.

Secondly, I am fully drenched and frozen to the bone. This is one of the setbacks to commuting. A half hour walk to the train station, followed by another walk to uni must have seriously tested my immune system and my hands’ resistance to frostbite. Did I mention that it was raining hard enough to soak through my jeans, blowing enough of a gale to make it hard to walk and even snowing?

Finally, my hand is still recovering from a cat restraining attempt gone wrong. Basil (see August 26) and I had a bit of a disagreement the other day – in other words, I thought he should be firmly picked up and put outside for aggressively chasing Bouncer and he disagreed. And my hand suffered multiple scratches and bite wounds as a result. I felt like a kid again, standing in the bathroom with Mum dabbing my hand with TCP and warning me that it would sting. But hey, it gave me something to put on Twitter.

So it is now 12:40 and I have successfully done three posts! Time for lunch, methinks…


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