What the media told me…

That my beliefs have to fit one category exactly,
As if a square peg can never fit
Into a round hole.

That the value of day-to-day goods:
Music, clothes, technology,
Is measured according with
Today’s idea of fashionable.

That people in a minority would,
To other people, be
2 dimensional enough to fit
The criteria for a character role
In a book.

That all animals have as much to the eye as we
Can see; in our minds, on the internet.
Dogs are dopey, cats disloyal,
Looking funny, bizarre or cute
In photos only a few clicks away
On the internet.

That labels, reputations, what we observe
Should not be taken
At face value.

As you can probably see, I am experimenting with a different approach to this post. For those of you who don’t know what a free verse poem is, this is (see above). A very clear and helpful definition, in my opinion, but if that wasn’t clear and helpful enough, a free verse poem doesn’t follow the rules of other “strict forms” of poetry. Rather, it allows you to a) decide that structure and rhyming patterns are for people who follow rules or b) experiment freely (the clue’s in the name) with your own structure and rhymes. Which I have done.

Now I’ve never been a fan of blindly agreeing with convention without good reason. Somehow this manifested itself when asked to write a free verse poem called “What…..told me”. Some people chose “my parents”, some chose “the church” and one person chose “the giant purple gecko” (genius). Being both autistic and likely to pull my hair out if faced with the “cat v dog” argument one more time, I’d been trying to decide between special needs and cats for my next poem. So this activity gave me the scope to attempt creativity and combine both and more. Voila, a free verse poem.

I like to think that I am learning a lot about creative writing. It may seem that way because the DMU newspaper “The Demon” crew asked me to write them an article which will hopefully be published on Monday. It may be because I got fifty-something marks for my first assignment. Or it may simply be because I’ve been told that staring at a page for hours before adding one word then removing it is perfectly normal for a writer after all. Well, according to Oscar Wilde it is, anyway.

As a sort of post script, can I just say that any constructive feedback on the poem, or just general opinions on the theme, will be very welcome. I may try this again with future posts – hope you enjoy!