University continued…

As you may have gathered from my previous post, university has been a whirl of excitement, adrenalin and poetry. I have been throwing myself into the deep end of the academic world. I mean, how many undergraduates would get up at 6:00am on a Saturday and take the train plus a long walk in pouring rain to get to the university by 9 just to borrow some books for an imminent seminar presentation? Not many at all, if the reaction of the security guard who let me in is anything to go by. I don’t think I’d grown a second head, but from the look on his face, you would think that was what had happened.

I have also chatted to more students than I can remember. There are only so many times you can ask people “where are you from?” “how old are you?” or in my case “did you remember to write your epitaph?” before all the answers become a blur. As a joint honours (Creative Writing and Journalism) student, you may well be asked “which other subject do you study?” more than once. Now, when faced with this question, the trick is to remember which subject you are currently in and give the opposite answer. Sounds obvious? Well believe me, it doesn’t pay to take the possibility of giving the right answer for granted.

One of the perks of being a Creative Writing student is that there is so much you learn about people without asking or being told. And no, I don’t mean obsessive Facebook stalking, eavesdropping or developing supernatural psychic abilities and reading people’s minds. No more than usual anyway. No, what I mean is that not a Writing Identity workshop will go by without having to pair up and read each other’s creative pieces on your significant memories. Or your first hangover (that wasn’t me, I hasten to add). Or even a diary entry that you don’t mind sharing with the group and, in an ideal world, isn’t as mundane as mine was.

Being a Journalism student has a few perks of its own. For a start, it means being assertive, a quick worker, in touch with the rest of the world and a whole list of other things which it turns out I’m not. Unfortunately, studying Creative Writing alone isn’t an option at DMU. I chose to do Journalism alongside it partly because it may involve article writing, which I might not fail at, but also because it was the only subject that didn’t require an English A level. My aforementioned presentation, the one that saw me scouring the library early on a Saturday was about Journalism over the past 500 years and was over mercifully quickly. For a start, I’m fairly sure I misjudged how long it would take, and so fell short of the expected duration. On top of that, it seems that my prayers that the other student who was also giving a talk would go first went unheard.

But hey, in spite of presentations, an increasing workload and ridiculously early starts, university is going well. I may have spent more money on food than I usually spend in one year, but it has to be worth it with stalls selling cupcakes like this:
1385252_10152124218958814_387698652_n After a year of commuting on the train, I will hopefully be sharing a student house with my friend who will be at De Montfort next year. This means having to find two other housemates to keep the costs down, and so I have done a sort of “Help Wanted: Housemates” style post on the DMU Facebook page. If any DMU students out there are just desperate to get a house with two quiet, shy, and in my case slightly autistic, Christian girls, you know where to find me…


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