So far this summer…

It has been an interesting summer. I have spent it braving the mountains of Switzerland, losing sleep over an assignment I was convinced I could finish in four days, boozing (having one glass of wine) and partying. Now we have recently adopted our latest feline resident Basil (more about him later), so it looks as if the excitement isn’t over yet. But back to where I started…

Within days of returning from the wedding, my family and I were off out again, this time slightly further afield. In my sister’s case, this meant going over to Seattle to stay with our aunt, uncle and two little cousins. In my case, this meant spending ten days with my parents in Switzerland. I briefly mentioned “braving the mountains”; by that, I meant stumbling along even the easiest walking trails at snail’s pace while my parents walked/skipped miles ahead, singing and making terrible jokes.

Walking holidays really aren’t a walk in the park (mountains!) for those with dyspraxic tendencies. Mercifully, we agreed to alternate between days where we’d all do a “Grace friendly” walk and days where I’d relax at the hotel and let them go out and do their own thing. It wasn’t all bad, however, due to good weather, beautiful scenery and the rule that I have to have ice cream on holiday. Ironically it was my mother, health and fitness expert extraordinaire, who came up with this rule years ago. ‘Tis a very good rule, in my opinion, and one that I took great care in sticking to.


On arriving back from Switzerland, I was forcibly reminded of the Writers Bureau Assignment I had promised I would finish by the end of the month. Why I thought I could easily finish it within four days of returning from abroad I shall never know, and how I succeeded I know not either. Why my tutor thought I’d done a good job when I thought it was one of the lamest things I’d ever written? Again, no clue. However, shortly afterwards, I was informed that my readers letter to “Your Cat” about Lionel (see May 2) is going to be published. So clearly my writing skills are getting somewhere in life.

Since finishing the dreaded assignment, things have continued to look up this summer. For a start, I ended up going to the pub twice in the same weekend and, being the rebel that I am, having a small amount of alcohol. And Nachos. The first time I went was for a catch up with a friend from cell group, the second was with him and assorted other cell group members. We spent the latter evening playing card games and I have to say, I’d had no idea that doing Welsh pirate impressions was compulsory for this. But hey, you learn something new every day.

More recently, I was very kindly invited to a 21st birthday party of a girl I have known through various church based settings. I was glad I went – I got a chance to catch up with many people, stuffed my face, and hardly put my foot in my mouth socially at all. I also participated in balloon wars, mock sword fights and a lengthy discussion about how the English, Greek and Chinese alphabets work. So it was a successful evening.

And now the excitement continues, as we welcome to our household Basil, the Burmese cat. Watch this space…


2 thoughts on “So far this summer…

  1. Helen Arnold says:

    I’ve never heard a Welsh pirate impression, or indeed, a real Welsh pirate before, but I shall not rest until I have….

  2. Chris says:

    As usual I can’t wait for your next post. x

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